Lets Talk Losses

About a month, well maybe two months ago, I posted that I was going to start a lifestyle blog. Then I kept telling myself well I’ll do it next week, oh and then maybe the next. For awhile I was actually dreading it. I know, I know, you’re asking well okay then why even write one? Well because I want to share with my followers my wins, but more importantly my losses. Although those big wins are awesome and so fun to share they don’t show all of who we are.


 We all go through rough patches, but no one ever post about those times. Am I right? We don’t like to let people know that we don’t live a perfect life.  We think that we can only show off how good everything is. But I’m telling you that it’s more than okay to show off the bad. We are all human. It’s not always rainbows and pretty clothes. It’s struggling, feeling sad, working hard and hard work not working, and really it’s draining.


Now I admit, I do fall into this pattern of wanting to keep my social media accounts filled with the good in my life. But I want to showcase my hard losses to hopefully motivate, inspire, or just show you guys that life is tough and everyday isn’t a win.


This blog was a total loss for me at first. I did not want to do it and I made up what I thought were some pretty valid excuses.


  1. I was too busy. I learned from one of the most motivational ladies, that being busy was just an idea that we create. Yes, we may have a ton of work to do and feel “busy” but really we can turn that “busy” into efficiency. Busy, not an excuse.


  1. I didn’t think a lot of people would really be interested in what I say. Well who cares? Quality over quantity. If I can reach at least one person and inspire them then this will be a win. Outreach, not an excuse.


  1. Finally, the one that has seemed like a loss for me for quite some time, ADHD. I hardly ever share with people that I have ADHD. Really, I think it’s just a disease that you have to get past mentally and then continue to conquer each day. And mentally it has been so hard for me to wrap my head around. With having ADHD, it is so hard for me to ever feel motivated, focused, or just willing to accomplish anything, unless I take my medicine. I had this whole mindset about how much it sucks to have to be medicated to get my work done and that I will never be as efficient as I want. BUT it was just a mindset, a mindset that needed changed. Now I see it as, that yes I have ADHD, no I am not limited to accomplishing everything on my to do list. This dang disease has kicked me in the butt for years and from day to day it still sneaks its bad vibes into my head. By keeping a positive mindset about what I can do, then I can kick its bad vibes out. ADHD, no longer an excuse.


Although it can be so hard to forget about the negative that we all may be going through, by looking at the positive in every situation we can create a beautiful mindset that will take us far away from that negative.


With a beautiful mindset I have no doubt that each of you can accomplish your goals, dreams, and desires.